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Dave is an amazing personal trainer! He's motivates you, has an abundance of information on fitness and health. As busy as my schedule was, I scheduled to see Dave twice a week for several months. I went from my highest weight ever at 118 down to 105! I hated cardio but found myself doing cardio a few times a week since I said I was going to do it. I eliminated most animal products and consumed a plant-based fish only diet eating around 1200 calories per day. The sessions were worth my time and to do something personal for myself without distractions was great. I always finished the workouts feeling good and sore!
Doris Le - Account Manager
Best personal trainer I have ever had the pleasure to work with me on my personal goals of health and fitness. When I met David at my worst possible shape ever, being 200 pounds at 5'9" I was desperate for a way to get healthy, feel better and look better. David did more than I would have expected, he took on my challenge as his own, he was in it with me. He walked me through core strength training, cardio and better eating habits. When I walked into the fitness center, he got me focused, not on just a work out, but on me, on health and on my goal. David took me to 180 pounds and I felt the best I have ever felt in my life. I had energy, but more than this, I was happy! I learned more than I can write here, simply put, choose David, he will turn your life around if you allow it to happen. A million thanks to David!
Tom Edwards - Head of Global Design
eBay Inc

Get To Know Your Coach

Hi there, my name is David Macchi and I’ve been a certified fitness professional for the past 15 years, helping hundreds of Bay Area corporate employees improve their overall health, lose weight, move better, decrease pain, build muscle, enhance mindfulness, and become healthy lifestyle champions.  

I have focused my career on helping individuals who work in the corporate environment THRIVE daily through a specific healthy lifestyle methodology of coaching. Coaching onsite at major companies like eBay, PayPal, and Google has provided me with an insider view of what the Bay Area employee needs to succeed when it comes to their health and wellness.  

Today’s Bay Area lifestyle is fast paced and ever evolving.  Our free time is limited and the stress placed on us to succeed is high.  On average the typical Bay Area employee sits for over 10+ hrs per day which can lead to several negative health effects.  Finding the time to work on your health and fitness is more challenging than ever. 

Don’t worry, we have created a system for you to succeed!  Our coaching methodology is focused around the five pillars of a healthy lifestyle.  These pillars include; fitness, nutrition, mindset, community, and accountability.  We have designed each area specifically to help you reach your health and fitness goals safely and efficiently.  Your success will be built around following a plant-based whole food nutrition methodology.  You’ll be saving time and money by following a home based workout routine focused on maximizing your time and results.  Each week you’ll have mindset lessons aimed to enhance your mental game and sharpen your focus towards your healthy lifestyle.  

Finally, you’ll join others and surround yourself with a community of like minded individuals all aimed towards achieving a healthier lifestyle.   We are excited for your journey and look forward to having you become a Healthy Lifestyle Champion!



There’s no better time than Now

Our goal is to help you feel and be your best in every sense of the word, and that is something that requires consistent effort: Nourishing your body, mind and spirit daily.  With Daily Nourish, our years of experience, expertise and passion will help you eat better, move better, perform better, and LIVE BETTER!

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David has helped me through several injuries either acquired through bad athletic habits or injury incurred during sports. David’s knowledge of how the body works has saved me by showing me proper techniques and exercises to perform. My first issue was so bad that at times, I had trouble walking and this is was when I was preparing for a marathon. The issue was a result of not stretching properly or at all. So instead of getting a hip replacement, which I thought I was going to need, David helped me not only alleviate the pain, but also helped in getting me through the training for the marathon and the actual event as well. I can’t thank David enough for helping me through that whole experience. To this day, I no longer have hip pains. This was not the only time David helped me through a physical issue. During a hockey game I had some how pinched my sciatic nerve. David again introduced some exercises that helped me heal faster. In particular, David had me use a lacrosse ball to help massage the areas that were inflamed and this helped me heal quicker and it really help reduce the pain associated with the pinched nerve. Dave’s methods for lifestyle, fitness and health are an inspirational and creative. David seems to always be looking for ways to help client be healthier, stronger and happier.
David Dodd
eBay Inc
Working with David has been life changing. I first began with David shortly following a complex knee surgery at Stanford Medical. Prior to David, I completed the recommended amount of Physical Therapy from the doctor. It quickly became clear this was not going to be enough to get me back to normal. I also thought an opportunity could exist starting a regular series of sessions in the gym - something I have never taken on before. I had no idea where to start. I thought a Personal Trainer might be a bit more than I needed, but when I saw the list of David's focus areas I decided to give it a try. This is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. While I could have made decent progress alone, I would have built a foundation of sand and poor habits. The base, as explained by David, is by far the most important piece - proper form and motion is a skill. Like any other sport or pursuit, it requires feedback, time, knowledge, and training. David effectively built up this foundation from our training sessions. When ready he helped me push further into building lean muscle, lowering body fat %, and further training for athleticism. I now see such activity as fundamental to life, in the same way as other necessities such as food and water. As an engineer, the mind seems the most important, however the mind is part of the body and following the built up training sessions, with David, I can see an appreciable edge and clarity here. I could not recommend David more highly.
Dale Weggeland

Online Coaching Services


Before you start your program you will have  a 60-minute phone consultation allowing us to better understand your goals and how we can help you reach them.


Your online program will include a custom workout routine and a plant-based nutritional guide that we will updated monthly with new recipes for optimum results. 

Live Training

Each week you will workout with your coach online with a virtual training sessions to help keep you accountable and on track with your program.

1-on-1 Check-In

Accountability will be key to your success.  1-on-1 calls will keep your motivation levels high, assist in breaking through barriers and discuss program progressions.  

24-Hour Support

You have a question?  We are here to help answer it.  You will have exclusive access 24/7 through a dedicated training app.


You will gain access to our private Healthy Lifestyle Champion Group, specifically designed for you learn, share and grow with other like minded individuals. 


Strengthen the mind and the rest will follow!  You will be guided through weekly mindset training aimed to help you THRIVE daily.  Weekly lessons will be focused around the 5 pillars of being a Healthy Lifestyle Champion (Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset, Accountability, Community)

Schedule Flexibility

Reach your health and fitness goals while working our from the comfort of your own home!  Save time and money by removing expensive gym memberships while maximizing your efforts and results.  Open your program, find your workout and put in the work and embrace the freedom of working out when your schedule allows!

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What Others Are Saying About Working With David

David's knowledge and passion for the work comes through immediately and clearly. For all the trainers I've worked with you are the most knowledgeable and professional in how you conduct the sessions.
Dev Das - Director
Google Inc
You listened, and responded with a series of exercises that started from low intensity moves that gradually stepped up as I improved, explaining each move clearly and how/why it would help me, and watched and corrected my form every step of the way, continually adjusting the exercises to suit my prevailing physical state.
Hwee Yeo - Program Manager
Google Inc
David taught me not only about how to lose weight or gain muscles but has empowered me with great knowledge of body mechanics and doing things the right way. He is extremely knowledgeable in variety of body conditioning techniques and is a guru in fat reduction and muscle gain. At last I would like to add when you meet David, be honest with what your goals and trust the process which he sets out for you.
AJ Guarvdeep - Software Engineer
eBay Inc

Learn More About Daily Nourish

Hi, we’re David and Giselle Macchi!  Also known by friends and family as “D&G”.  We’re a husband & wife, fitness & wellness, dynamic duo who is passionate about helping our clients and community live better and more vibrantly every day!  We each started our careers working in large commercial health clubs, rolled with the tide into private fitness studios, then caught the rising wave of corporate fitness while additionally traveling the country delivering specialized fitness education as master trainers!  With over 25 years of combined experience working in the fitness industry, we’ve witnessed a lot of its ups & downs, as well as its ongoing evolution.  One thing, however, remains constant, and it’s that health & fitness are completely individualized.  There is no one, sure-fire program (or workout, or diet) that will answer everyone’s needs or personal goals.  With that in mind, we created Daily Nourish in January 2017 to offer a more personalized and comprehensive approach to helping our clients and community reach their goals.  We provide not only fitness solutions, but also lifestyle performance coaching, fitness retreats, community workouts, and even deliver delicious superfood-based breakfast items and snacks locally.  Our goal is to help you feel and be your best in every sense of the word, and that is something that requires consistent effort: Nourishing your body, mind and spirit daily.  With Daily Nourish, our years of experience, expertise and passion will help you eat better, move better, perform better, and LIVE BETTER!

- A Word Of Warning -

Our programs are not “quick fixes” nor are they based on fads or gimmicks.

Our programs are for those individuals who are willing to put in the work, communicate with us, and are open-minded!

If you are looking for a “magic pill” solution, then this is not for you.

Our programs, coaching and training sessions are for those that want to improve on their health and fitness daily while embracing the opportunity to challenge themselves.    

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