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Hi, we’re David and Giselle Macchi!  Also known by friends and family as “D&G”.  We’re a husband & wife, fitness & wellness, dynamic duo who is passionate about helping our clients and community live better and more vibrantly every day!  We each started our careers working in large commercial health clubs, rolled with the tide into private fitness studios, then caught the rising wave of corporate fitness while additionally traveling the country delivering specialized fitness education as master trainers!  With over 29 years of combined experience working in the fitness industry, we’ve witnessed a lot of its ups & downs, as well as its ongoing evolution.  One thing, however, remains constant, and it’s that health & fitness are completely individualized.  There is no one, sure-fire program (or workout, or diet) that will answer everyone’s needs or personal goals.  With that in mind, we created Daily Nourish in January 2017 to offer a more personalized and comprehensive approach to helping our clients and community reach their goals.  We provide not only fitness solutions, but also lifestyle performance coaching, fitness retreats, community workouts, and even deliver delicious superfood-based breakfast items and snacks locally.  Our goal is to help you feel and be your best in every sense of the word, and that is something that requires consistent effort: Nourishing your body, mind and spirit daily.  With Daily Nourish, our years of experience, expertise and passion will help you eat better, move better, perform better, and LIVE BETTER!

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David Macchi

CEO, Co-Founder, Master Trainer, Plant-Based Recipe Specialist

Giselle Macchi

Co-Founder, Master Trainer, Transformation Specialist

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