Our Methodology

Working directly with each client, we use a science-based approach to creating our programs to suit each individual’s needs and goals.  We want to make sure that we help you reach your goals safely and efficiently!  From functional training to weight loss, to strength & conditioning, our training methods and programs are aimed to help you uncover your best self!

Our training methodology focuses on fundamental human movement, or biomechanics.  Wherever you are in your fitness journey, we will work with you to build a strong foundation and progress you through multiple training phases to get you where you want to be, or even beyond that!  Through our 31+ years of combined experience, we’ve undoubtedly tried and tested countless workout styles, modalities, tools, and theories.  We utilize the methods and tools that have proven themselves to be highly effective and successful time and time again.  Our goal is to keep your body and mind stimulated, motivated and of course, having fun while doing so!

Our tools of the trade (also endearingly called “toys of the trade”) consist of the following: We use resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, stability balls, BOSU Ball, TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX RIP Trainer, sandbags, balance pads/discs, gliders, dowels, jump ropes, battle ropes, and more!  We also use your own body and body weight…the most important “tool of the trade” or “piece of equipment” there is!

Our Pillars Of Success


Working directly with each client, we use a science-based approach to creating our programs to suit each individual’s needs and goals. We want to make sure that we help you reach your goals safely and efficiently! From functional training to weight loss, to strength & conditioning, our training methods and programs are aimed to help you uncover your best self!


Nutrition provides the foundational support to fuel the mind and body, and maximize performance. Quality nutrition fuels the body and mind for optimum performance. A lifestyle focused around plant-based whole foods has been linked to a number of health benefits, including reducing your risk of heart disease, certain cancers, obesity, and diabetes.


Mindset is about dedicating oneself toward a goal with a full understanding of what it requires to accomplish with an openness to growth and change. Strengthening your mindset will provide you with a long term skill set that you can take into any situation life throws your way. Overcoming obstacles with a new found confidence and resilience will help guide you one step closer towards your goals.


Working towards a goal with like-people will help forge your commitment towards achieving your goal. Having a strong support team aimed at getting better every day is essential when challenging yourself to reach your healthy lifestyle goal.


Accountability is essential for personal growth as you move towards achieving your health and wellness goals. This will be the glue that ties your commitment to your personal goals. 90% of our clients success comes from being held accountable to their daily actions. What gets measured gets managed.

Client Testimonials

I've been training with David for four years now and he's provided the best experience for personal training. He is willing to share his fitness and nutrition knowledge so that I may take that and implement it in my own life. He really cares about his clients and their fitness/nutrition goals, as well as their general well-being. He is also very careful with my various injuries and tightness, taking time each session to address any pain I have. I will continue on with him for many years to come!
Allison M
Giselle was awesome to work with. Always encouraging. She tailored the workouts to my goals/abilities while still pushing me to go harder/faster/stronger. She made fitness fun.
Stephanie P

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Fitness Solutions

Virtual Group Workouts

Jump-start your weekend and join us for our LIVE Virtual Home Workouts! You’ll be led through a fun & energizing total-body workout led by certified personal trainers with over 25 years of experience combined. We’ll help you get your day started on the right foot with a combination of strength, cardio, mobility, agility, and balance training all from the comfort of your own home!

Virtual Personal Training

Schedule your sessions, log in online and have a certified coach guide you through a customized virtual workout designed specifically for you! We help you maximize your "home gym" space and time, allowing you to stay home and stay fit while you progress towards your health and fitness goals!

Online Programs

Complete your customized training program based around your schedule. Follow along in our customized training app daily, allowing you're mind and body to THRIVE daily! We will be there every step of the way with daily accountability, 24/7 support, weekly strategy calls along with LIVE virtual sessions for extra motivation and support.

Private Training

If you’re looking for a customized program and experience that’s designed 100% around you, then our one-on-one sessions are for you. You have goals, and we want to help you to not only crush them, but to do so in a safe and efficient way utilizing proven strategies and having fun along the way! 

Buddy Training

Whether it’s a loved one, and friend, a co-worker, a family member, or just someone who is a fellow fitness enthusiast, training with a partner sometimes helps keep you more accountable or motivated. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little moral support too!

Small Group

In a group of 3-4 people, you’ll still get personalized attention through your training, but have more of a small team setting whether you are all working towards a common goal or have slightly varied goals.

Client Testimonials

Before having children, I had the time, energy and drive to fit a quick 5-mile run into my day. But after having my second child, I was sleep deprived and my motivation declined quickly. Giselle’s expert knowledge in physical training helped get my energy and pre-baby physique back. She guided me through quick, intense workouts that showed results. Giselle taught me that less is more, the important of consistency and how to push myself t the next level.
Ceci G
To say that I am picky when it comes to choosing a personal fitness trainer, is an understatement. I like to be continuously challenged, without being pushed beyond my limits. It's a fine line, and Giselle knows how to walk it. She listens to me, takes my concerns and injuries into account when designing a personalized training program, and meticulously keeps track of everything. I have been training with her since September 2012, and I have never been stronger and fitter in my life. Giselle also managed to break down my stubborn reluctance and gently persuaded me to start taking yoga. It is now an essential part of my life.
Helga H
I decided to invest in a personal trainer and met Giselle. Right off the bat she worked with me on my goals. She noticed little things and put me on a strength training program in addition to my cardio routine. In October 2012 I was 205 lbs and now I'm 142 lbs, a total loss of 63 lbs in just 9 months of working with Giselle! My BMI pointed to 'Obese', my total cholesterol and triglycerides where borderline high. After our training together all these are normal and my physician feels that if can sustain my current routine, I can have a good quality of life. When I started in working with Giselle, I could barely manage 15 mins on the treadmill. Now, I put in almost 45-50 mins workout daily and have also started actively running and participating in running events. I wouldn't have been able to make this change had I not had met Giselle. She loves what she does and that's why she's good at it. Giselle not only invests time to learn more about personal training but also makes an effort to know her clients so she can individualize her suggestions to suit their needs and lifestyle. She's part of the change I've made and for that, I will always be grateful to her.
Vijay Y
Dave took the time to learn what my goals were then, he customized a meal plan and workout schedule to meet my needs. We would text daily and have weekly phone calls for motivation and revision on my schedule. Dave has taught me to reset and be able to push myself and be a better me. I was very sucessful on Dave's program and carry that with me afterwards.
Rodney D
David is a very knowledgeable and professional trainer. He knows his client’s physical level and abilities. He trains client according to trainee mobility and flexibility in order to improve and build up their physical abilities, healthier body and movement. Feeling great after every training session. He always studies and learns new knowledge to Improve his training profession.
Connie T
David is a personable and knowledgeable trainer. He shapes his sessions around your goals and helps you understand the how and why of exercises, giving you a strong regiment outside of training.
Ron S
Dave is great! He's particularly effective at identifying muscle groups to work on and will work with you to achieve your goals.
Kevin W

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